Wordy Traveler Spring 2017 Subscription Box Review

DSC00776The Wordy Traveler is an absolutely amazing subscription box centered around reading and traveling (two of my favorite things!!). Each quarter, when the box is sent out, there’s a certain travel destination the box is themed around. The “Spring Journey” box I received was all about South America. Check out more information about this subscription box here: CrateJoy or here: The Wordy Traveler. I also did a true first impressions unboxing for this box which you can watch here if you enjoy that platform more. And a HUGE shout out to Cindy for creating this amazing box and for being so generous as to send me one!

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Target Signature Soy Candles Review

Signature Soy candles came to Target a few months ago and candle lovers everywhere screamed with joy! They are mock Bath & Body Work candles so everyone’s hopes were high that these would be great less expensive replacements! They come in three sizes just like B&BW and are listed at $8, $10, and $15, smallest to largest of course. I will say they do come in a variety of scents and you can find them all here (AND last time I checked some were on sale!) :  Signature Soy Candles

I bought the medium size of both Coastal Linen and Iced Latte. Just to be straight forward, I would never buy these candles again. They are not THAT much cheaper than B&BW candles and they are not even close to the quality.

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