D’OR24K Prestige Multi Vitamin Recovery Skin Care Review


I’ve never had problematic skin so having some huge skin care routine with tons of different products with unique purposes was never my thing. That is until about a year ago when I started getting acne the worst I’ve ever had it. Yay for adult acne I guess? Ever since then I’ve been more conscious about how I treat my skin and what products I put on it. So when, through BrandBacker, I was offered to be sent some skin care items from D’OR24K I couldn’t refuse. I looked up the brand and discovered all the great ingredients they put into their products and how much skin care really means to them.

DSC00908I was sent the Multi Vitamin Recovery Facial Peel ($195) which is a gel-like product that you rub into your skin that causes the dead skin on your face to ball up and peel off. I’ve used a product similar to this one before, but barely anything came off my face so I took these as a gimmicky product. Of course now this one is one of my all time favorite products! So much dead skin comes off from using this and it leaves my skin feeling and looking so dewy and fresh. I use it almost like a gentle exfoliator after I wash my face.

I was also sent the Multi Vitamin Recovery Day Cream ($195) which is honestly to die for! I have pretty dry skin and as I age that’s gotten worse so it’s very important to me to have a great moisturizer on hand. This is by far the best one I’ve ever used. It has no scent that I can pick up on, it dries almost instantly, and it’s so silky and soft. I’ve been unable to find if it contains SPF so my assumption would be that it doesn’t so make sure to continue using a high SPF product with this for sun safety. It’s by far my favorite moisturizer though and I truly think it would work for all skin types.


Both of these products are very pricey, but I actually think if you have the ability to splurge a little on them, they’re worth it. Both are absolutely amazing and I am so lucky to have been able to try them out. If you’re interested in these or any other of D’OR24K’s amazing products be sure to check them out here: D’OR24K

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