L’Oreal Color Vibrancy Intensive Hair Care Line Review


I was lucky enough to have been chosen by Influenster to receive L’Oreal’s new hair care line: Color Vibrancy Intensive. Although this box was generously sent to me, all my comments are honest and 100% mine. Here were the contents of the box when I opened it:


I’ll start with my thoughts on each individual product and then go into what I think of the overall line and it’s worth. So, starting with the shampoo:


If you follow my blog or other reviews then you’ll know I’m very picky when it comes to shampoo. I have relatively dry and damaged hair so the second a shampoo dries it out more, I think pretty negatively about it. This shampoo actually moistened my hair quite a bit. Normally after I put shampoo in my hair and then massage it in, my hair will feel a little knotty and ratty, but with this one it didn’t. It almost felt like I had a conditioner in it which I LOVED! Overall, I’ve enjoyed using this product a lot and would recommend it. Average price of three different stores in my location for this product came to: $4.48.





The conditioner, however, was not my favorite… or even close for that matter. It took a lot of product to make my hair feel soft and smooth and even after drying my hair did not feel softer at all. It wasn’t anything special for the price (which averaged out was also $4.48). Using these two products together also did not boost the softness or shine of my hair. The shampoo did almost all the work in this and I don’t think using the whole line is completely necessary for results.dsc00683The Post-Color Repair Mask was also a miss for me personally. The product itself is extremely thick in texture so I had high hopes for how well this would repair my hair, but it honestly did nothing. It, again, took a ton of product and the results weren’t there. This retails for $6.99 at my local Target, but I don’t think I’d recommend it to be completely honest.

Overall, both the conditioners were lacking for me, but the shampoo was amazing and I would recommend trying it. The amount of shine it adds to your hair is phenomenal. It really does give vibrancy to the color of your hair without changing the color at all. Even if you don’t have color treated hair I would recommend the shampoo because on my natural color hair, it still added a great deal of shine and got rid of the dullness I usually have.

Check out the line here: L’Oreal Paris

Or at Target or Ulta.


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