Sole Patches Review

dsc00578Through Brand Backer I was given the opportunity to receive and test these Sole Patches for heels. I was actually really excited for these because I have terrible feet and they tend to start hurting really quickly. I’m not a big heel wearing gal, but I do have a favorite pair of black booties that, if I wear for too long, can start to hurt the balls of my feet.

For my 21st birthday outing with my friends I knew I was going to be wearing my booties for a very long night so I decided to put these Sole Patches in them and see if it made a difference. You can either put the patches on your foot directly or inside of a pair of shoes you wear often or that specifically need extra cushion. My booties are really my only pair of heels so I decided to just directly put them inside.

I was actually extremely impressed with these patches! I was walking long distances (helllloooo, bar hop) and my feet never once hurt. And while you may be thinking that alcohol may have had something to do with lack of pain, I have worn my booties drunk many a times and they still hurt like a mother.


It’s great because one single pack of Sole Patches comes with 6 patches so you can either put them in three of your favorite pairs of heels or just keep them for one pair, like I will, and exchange them when they inevitably flatten out and lose their cushion.

Find them here:Sole Patches


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