“The Curated Closet” Book Review


If you know me at all, or even just have read a couple of my posts, you probably know I’m obsessed with “coffee table books” so when I was given the opportunity to read and review “The Curated Closet” through Blogging for Book, I took it. I’m not much of a fashion person, though I really wish I could be, so I was excited to get a book all about how to form and come up with my own perfect wardrobe. I needed this book so badly and honestly learned so much from it. I recommend this book to anyone struggling to find their own sense of style or wondering how to achieve a more minimalist type of wardrobe full of only items you absolutely adore. This book is a quick read where you can jump around and only go to certain sections that pertain to your life, but it’s really great fully through as well.dsc00591dsc00589

There are little worksheets (both pictures above) that help guide you through how to decide what your perfect wardrobe would look like. What different colors, shapes, fabrics, and pieces fit your personality and desired comfort levels best. It’s really great for someone like me who is lacking in a fashion sense and has no idea what to do. Not only is this book extremely aesthetically pleasing, but it’s very insightful, interesting, and educational. I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with fashion or style.

Get the book here: The Curated Closet


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