HASK Superfruit Hair Care Line Review

dsc00605I was not kidding when I said  HASK sends me  a “constant stream of hair care goodies” in my last post. Just after I received the Chia Seed line I received HASK’s new Superfruit line as well. Again, I’m extremely thankful for HASK for sending this to me in exchange for an open and honest review.

dsc00601I said in my Chia Seed line post that that collection was second favorite to HASK’s Coconut Oil line, but I feel I need to take that back now. Bye bye, Chia Seed, you’re bumped to third place. This Superfruit line is to die for. It’s extremely moisturizing and it really does make dsc00603you hair healthier, look shinier, and feel less brittle. I honestly don’t even have much to say about this collection because I enjoy it so much and have no complaints. All I really want to say is “GO GET IT NOW!!”. Not only are both the shampoo and conditioner amazing, but there is also a deep conditioner that goes along with this line that I am in love with. I actually used it after toning my hair (which if you don’t know is honestly terrible for your hair and makes it feel like straw) and my hair was super moisturized and soft afterward. That is the real test right there and it totally passed! Overall, I honestly recommend going and picking this collection up. It would work for all hair styles, colors, and thicknesses. There’s honestly nothing to lose picking up a healthy hair care line.

Speaking of, you can get the collection online here: HASK Superfruit Hair Care Line

Or in stores at these locations in the US: Where to Buy: U.S.


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