HASK Chia Seed Oil Hair Care Line Review

Back at it again, HASK! Once again, we’re here with a HASK hair care line review. This time they were kind enough to send me their new Chia Seed Oil line which focuses on volumizing flat and dull hair. I can’t thank HASK enough for what seems like a constant stream of hair care goodies!


First and foremost, I absolutely love the packing on this collection. The light purple is gorgeous and fits the scent really well. Both the shampoo and conditioner smell like a light and woodsy men’s cologne with a hint of fruit. It honestly smells like the start of spring. By far it’s my favorite scent of any other HASK collection and probably second favorite overall line (Coconut Oil being first). The shampoo kind of dried out my hair a bit. After I lathered and rinsed, my hair felt more tangled and rough than it had before. However, the conditioner was so amazing that it made up for the shampoo. I have pretty voluminous hair and have never even had to use any product to give me more so I wasn’t expecting this to actually volumize my hair like it claims to. However, my hair was much more fluffy and voluminous than it usually is. I was pleasantly surprised to know this collection actually did what it was put out to do and I highly recommend this to anyone struggling to gain volume with your hair. It can’t hurt!dsc00566

You can get this collection online here: http://haskbeauty.com/products/chia-seed-oil

Here is where they sell in store in US: http://haskbeauty.com/where-to-buy?country=US

With most other HASK collections, they gave me an adorable bag with their classic “Sure, life isn’t perfect but my hair is” quote. I think I have about four or five of these and they’re actually great quality. Not sure if there’s anywhere online you could buy them though.

Overall, I really love HASK’s Chia Seed collection. Maybe it’s just because I’m such a scent and packaging junkie that I can’t resist liking it, but it’s really great in my opinion. If you have thin or flat hai
r, or even just want to gain some more volume, I highly recommend trying this collection. At my local Target here in Oregon, HASK runs for about
$4.99 a piece, so it’s not completely unreasonable at all.



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